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Street food (1)

Street food is one of the significant things that makes Saigon cuisine as exclusive as it is right now. In today’s post I’ll introduce 2 street food that you have to fall in love with the first time you try them!

The first food is Goi kho bo, literally Beef jerky salad. Just by looking at its name could tell you that beef jerky is the main ingredient of the dish. Anyway it’s kinda easy to make this dish yourself. You only need beef jerky (of course), minced papaya and peanuts, mix them all together and put some chilly in if you like, that’s all.

Tips: You’re not going to be full eating this food alone so don’t eat it for lunch or dinner;it’s just a normal light meal.


The second one is Xoi ga, which is sticky rice but with chicken. This is only one in many types of sticky rice. Originally, sticky rice is made of glutinous rice along with other ingredients(depends on the type of sticky rice). It’s easy to see that sticky rice is different from normal rice for the fact that it is more sticky! The glutinous rice is what made the rice sticky. This food is famous mostly in Asian countries;it can be sweet or savory. Xoi ga is an example of savory sticky rice, in addition to savory types, there are Xoi with fish, with Chinese sausages, etc. As for sweet sticky rice, there are Xoi with mango, with corn, with black beans, with durian, etc

The Saigon-ese really likes to eat sticky rice. We eat it for every occasions, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack;we even serve this food in weddings, anniversary, etc. Sticky rice is sold everywhere, but it’s mostly near schools because this dish is very cheap and so it attracts many students.

Price: about 5000 to 10,000 VND


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  2. Yum yum ~~~
    I am in love with that Xoi ga of yours… > <

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