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Summer roll (Gỏi cuốn)

Summer roll, or salad roll, or Goi cuon in Vietnamese, is listed at number 30 in the World’s 50 most delicious food. This is also one of my favorite dish because it’s so cheap and easy to eat.

Basically, layers of boiled shrimp, pork, herbs and rice vermicelli (bún) are wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper (bánh tráng). Depends on the regiong it is served, the ingredients will varied. For example, pork can be replaced with beef, duck, crab, fish, Vietnamese sausage (giò lụa) or fried eggs.

Like many other dishes that I’ve introduced, this dish is eaten along with fish sauce. However, there’s one more sauce that you eat with Goi cuon which I prefer and suggest you should try: hoisin sauce (made of fermented soy, garlic,vinegar), this sauce is originated in China.

Price: 2000 VND per roll (so cheap right)

Where to find:They’re sold everywhere, from street vendors to normal Vietnamese restaurants.



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