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Che (Chè)

Che is one of the most popular beverage among Vietnamese, especially us, the teenagers. It is a dessert but most of the time, we eat Che for our snacks: in the afternoon, in the evening (but we never eat it in the morning though).

Small tip: If you ever go to Vietnam and ask for where to eat Che, you have to describe it, or else some  could misunderstand since che in Vietnamese also means tea.

There are seriously a lot of kinds of Che, from sweet ones to savory ones (which have sausage, grilled pork or eggs). And shame on me, I have only eaten 3 in hundreds kinds! Anyways, the ingredients are pretty much abundant and multiform, the main ones include cooked beans-sweetened with sugar, rice, fruits, also there are tapioca starch, coconut dream. We also put an amount of ice in to reduce the sweetness of the drink.

An example: In the picture below is my favorite Che, it is Thai Che, which uses several of tropical fruits like jack fruit, pomegranate, durian, longan, coconut. I ate this che in Ben Thanh Market and it’d probably be easy for you to find some here.

Mix it all up and there you go, a tasty, dainty, yummy cup of Che will lower the heat of Saigon.

Price: about 10,000 VND to 20,000


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