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Today I’ll write about 2 famous cakes for breakfast and snack of Vietnamese people in general and especially in Saigon. These are very common and rustic food for us. The first one is called Banh giay, some of us call it Banh day but I guess it just depends on the area we live in that the way we spell the word is varied.

Banh giay is wrapped with a thick layer of banana leaves outside to protect and keep the cake warm (like you can see in the first picture).To eat, you must peel the leaves until you see a white, sticky, triangular-shaped piece. That is the cake, according to my second photo, the cake is stuffed with chopped cooked pork and mushrooms. With one bite, you can feel the soft texture of the white part since it’s made of rice flour, and at the same time, the tough feeling from the stuffed mushroom inside.

The second cake is smaller than Banh giay. It’s alsocrushed and mixed rice flour. However, they’re hardly ever wrapped in leaves since they’re too small, so we tend to put a plastic piece around the cake, as it’s really sticky, even more sticky than Banh giay. If you hold the cake with you bare hands, the sticky part, which is the white part (as shown below) will stick to your hand, you can wash it out but it’ll be easier to eat the cake with the plastic. In addition, between the two white pieces are usually grill chopped meat.

Both cakes are quite cheap, under 10,000 VND and are usually sold in street vendors.


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