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This is one of my favorite museum in the city because it reminds me of how much hardship the Vietnamese people once went through, during the time when the Americans colonized our country. It is a war museum at 28 Vo Van Tan, Dist.3.

Built and opened by the Vietnamese Government in September 1975. The purpose of this museum is to display artifacts about the massacre of the American soldiers on our Vietnamese people, their spreading of chemical toxic, the weapons that they used and also many military equipments like tanks, airplanes, bombs, cannons,… (like the threepictures below).

The special thing and probably will be the reason why you should visit this place is: There’s a room called “tiger cages” where it simulated how the Vietnamese were kept as prisoners and ways to torture them. It looks seriously real and somehow creates a sympathy feeling for the ones who have sacrificed for the country. I didn’t take pictures of this part because I want you to go and see it by your own eyes so that you can also feel and understand what many people have been through to create a beautiful city like right now.

This is one of the most visited museum in the city with above 6 million turns of tourists in 20 years.

Price: 2000 VND for Vietnamese students and 20,000 VND for foreigners.


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