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You should know that Saigon, even though is not the capital city, but is where all the quintessence of Vietnam goes too, since it’s a famous tourist attraction. Food is one of those quintessence, though many of them are not originated in this city but some are so well known that they’ve become an important dish for the Saigon-ers. Today I’ll show you one of our famous breakfast: Banh cuon

Literally it’s called Rolled cake. People call it Rolled cake because it’s chopped pork, mushroom and minced shallots (which are like onions) being rolled in super thin steamed rice flour. Look at the picture below, you can see that other than the white parts, there’re little dark spots, they’re the mushroom, and the yellow part is the pork.

Rolled cake is eaten with grilled chopped meat, fried onions and fish sauce. Extra information: fish sauce is a spice that is used in many food in Vietnam, so that’s why many of my introduced dishes have fish sauce as a minor ingredient.

Price: from 15,000 to 25,000 VND.


Comments on: "Banh cuon-Rolled cake(Bánh cuốn)" (4)

  1. E. Adams said:

    In the first 2 pg I’ve read, I think within the attractive writing of the writer, this blog will be succeeded very positively – it makes me want to go and eat 😡

  2. the food looks very yummy and it would be more helpful if you tell us where can we get these yummy food 😀

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