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Banh beo(Bánh bèo)

Similar to Bun bo hue, Banh beo is also first appeared in Hue, the Middle of Vietnam.

There are three main parts in a singular Banh beo:

1. The steamed rice cake, which is soft, white and made of rice flour.

2. The chopped,cooked shrimp

3. The fish sauce with sliced chilly to pour all over the cake.

Banh beo are presented in two ways. One: we put the flour with the shrimp into tiny plates and steam them, like in the shot right above.Restaurants tend to present Banh beo this way because it looks more polite. Two: we steam them in moulds, when they’re cooked we pull them out and place them in whatever we want to eat it, like in my picture, a soft box.

You’re probably wondering: “What’s that yellow thing on Banh beo, and also that white-greyish piece on top?” Well, to answer your question, that “yellow thing” is mashed mung beans and that piece on top is a kind of grilled chopped meat. There’s also fried little pieces of bread. You use this dish with fish sauce, which is mixed to be less salty so that you can pour as much sauce in as you can. Small tips: Personally, it’s best to have a piece of Banh beo with lots of fish sauce, somehow the sauce enhances the flavor of the cake.

Price:  20,000 to 30,000 VND in a real restaurants, but if you try it in street vendors, the price will be lower and the quality is probably the same, even better sometimes.


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  1. woahh this looks amazing and it’s amazingly cheap!

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