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Bun bo (Bún bò Huế)

Bun bo, though is not originated in Ho Chi Minh City but Hue- a city in the Middle of Vietnam, is still one of the most significant dish in this region. Citizens here, from students to workers,from young to old, are very familiar to this kind of noodles: We eat it very often!

Bun bo is similar to Pho in two ways:

1.we need to use chopsticks to eat it. Not only these two dishes, but other kinds of noodles,in Saigon as an individual and Vietnam as in general, all require us to use chopsticks.

2. The broth is also very important to a particular bowl of Bun bo: The cooks often put in a spice called shrimp paste sauce to make the characters more specialized and so we can distinguish between Bun bo and other noodles.

Fundamentally, a bowl of Bun bo only consists of noodles, cooked beef, pork knuckle and bologna, sliced onion, sliced chilly powder or satay and some kinds of herb (sometimes there’s also shrimp balls).

The price is pretty cheap, about 30,000 to 50,000 VND.


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