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Pho (Phở)

I’m sure that the first food to pop up in your head when you hear the word “Vietnam” is Pho. Don’t you love it when after a busy day touring around the city, you sit down and in front of you, a bowl of Pho, with some slides of beef in this corner, some kinds of aromatic herbs in that corner, and noodles under. Seriously, how can you resist?

Pho‘s origin is from the North of Vietnam, though through times, it’s famous from this end to the other end of my country.

If you want to have a good bowl of Pho, the broth, which is the water, is is the number one factor. This process when you cook the shinbone with a lot of other spices, filter the water several times till it’s clear, is really the hardest and most important part. Eating Pho is an art I might say. You must eat it with chopsticks because the noodles are long and only when you eat by chopsticks, you can enjoy Pho to the fullest. And, not every foreigners can proficiently use chopsticks the first time they touch them.

Later, people modify the dish by replacing the beef in Pho with chicken,still a good combination, but not ever, can it be as good as the original Pho with beef.


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  1. ah~ my favourite Vietnamese food 😀

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