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Famous shopping malls

Imposingly sitting opposite the Notre Dame, Diamond is the first mall you should visit for the fact that it’s the nearest mall to many famous sites. Address: 34 Le Duan Dist.1

The second one is Parkson. Address:

_45 Le Thanh Ton, Dist.1 (Not really far away from Diamond)

_182 Le Dai Hanh, Dist.11

_126 Hung Vuong, Dist.5

The newest mall is Vincom which locates on 72 Le Thanh Ton Dis.1 (opposite Parkson Le Thanh Ton).

The fourth one is much smaller than the ones above, however, is still well known since it’s on Le Loi Street- one of the centre streets, downtown Saigon. Though it’s a small mall, famous brands are still available and also there’re famous coffee shops around like Highland, Terrace,etc.

The last but not least: Saigon Tax Trade Center. This is, what can I say, the most casual one of all. Instead of selling luxurious and expensive items, it’s like a bigger, more polite Saigon Square, although it’s at a higher lever because there are real common brands with reasonable prices.

All these malls are attractive destinations for shopaholics because the prices are varied from low to high, from normal products to high quality, expensive ones. There’re also restaurants, cinemas and health clubs.

These are great places to hide the heat from Saigon, even though you’re not intended to shop, you can still go pass by, pick up an ice cream or simply wander around the place. I’m sure it’s a nice way to spend a hot and sunny afternoon. So what do YOU think?


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