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Saigon Square

Beside big malls, Saigon Square is your number 1 choice for shopping. Not only for its abundant source of goods but also for the fact that you can bargain hard!Isn’t it wonderful?

Located at two places: 77-89 Nam Ki Khoi Nghia Dist.1 and 7-9 Ton Duc Thang Dist.1. They’re crowded at almost every time in the day, especially with many tourists and foreigners. Under the bustling atmosphere, you can still comfortably find yourself some stuffs with reasonable prices, because there’re air-conditioners. The place kind of gives you both a feeling of being in a mall and in a normal market.

The most common things you’ll expect to find in this centre are: disks (DVDs, VCDs,…), clothes with all kinds of brands (Abercrombie, Polo, Rayban, Gucci,..), bags/clutches, shoes and electronic devices. Sometimes price of a same product can be different, depends on the stalls where it is sold, so make sure you go around for awhile before decide where to buy.

P/S:The only disadvantage is there’s no food for sale.


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