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This is the place that you won’t want to miss out if you go to Saigon. What’s more enjoyable than wandering around a market, buying some souvenirs, and then sitting down at some stalls to enjoy the food specialties?

This market has existed before France dominated Saigon. Literally, it’s located along four streets: Phan Boi Chau, Phan Chu Trinh, Le Thanh Ton, Quach Thi Trang-all from District 1, with four main doors: North East West South.

Near Ben Thanh Market is the city’s main bus stop, pier so it’s very convenient for tourist to transport, taxis are also easy to catch since it is a popular area. Now the exciting part is actually inside the market. As you take a step in, it’s like a whole nother world. You can find some fresh and dried food, fruits in this corner, some handiworks in another corner, clothes and a lot more haphazard things. Also any local specialities are available with reasonable prices.


The food is great, the atmosphere is just sensational as there’re different types of people gathering in one place and the smell is aromatic. Eventually all your senses will be fully stimulated.


It’ll be a waste if you don’t visit this place.So comeee come!


Comments on: "Ben Thanh Market-Cho Ben Thanh" (4)

  1. i really like the photos that you have taken of ben thanh market. It looks like a really nice place where vietnamese people could easily buy things or for tourists to experience vietnamese culture.

    • Thank you that was one of the nicest comment so far:)
      I’m not really a pro at taking pictures but I did try my best:D

  2. As a Saigon-ese, I know that in the evening, there’s also a night market just outside this market. You could improve your blog by providing more information about the night market.

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