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Before you get to know anything else about this post office, bear in mind that it was designed and constructed by Gustave Eiffel, who is also the designer of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is the combination between Europe style and Asian decoration. Interesting aye?

The Saigon Central Post Office sits next to the Notre Dame, downtown Saigon, in fact, it is just a couple of walks like from one side to another of a street. It was estimated that the post office was built in between 1886-1891 as part of French Indochina. You can easily recognize  it by the clock on the front door. It’s an open place, even if you don’t have anything to send, you’ll still be able to come in, go around, have a look and take some pictures(since it’s both a place to visit and still working as a normal post office).


There’re also souvenir shops inside the post office;they sell all kinds of Vietnamese handicrafts and traditional things like masks, postcards, puppets, etc.





Comments on: "Saigon Central Post Office(Bưu điện trung tâm thành phố)" (2)

  1. wow these places look mesmerizing! thank you so much.

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