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Wandering around the city’s downtown, people, including tourists, can easily spotted the Notre Dame, which is only a few hundreds meters away from the Reunification Palace and the Municipal Theatre.  The address is 1 Cong truong Cong xa Paris District 1. This is one of the most admirable destinations for religions that attracts thousands of people.


The cathedral is officially in used in 11 April,1880 and yet after a long time, it still keeps its charm, nothing is changed or damaged. The outside is made of good bricks imported from France that its color is still fresh pink, there’s hardly any moss-grown. As well as the bricks, all the other materials, from the cement, steel to screws, were all transported from France. This can be explained because right after it dominated Saigon, France ordered to build this church as a place to do the ceremony for the Christians in its troop. Initially it was an abandoned Vietnamese temple.

With the height of 60,5 meters(to the top of the cross), the Notre Dame is Roman-style modified with a bit Gothic, designed by J.Bourad- a French architect,who also directly monitored the work. In 1895, 2 bell towers were added on the sides with the height of 57 meters each. After that, in 1903, in front of the church, a bronze statue was settled to praise merit of France. However it was destroyed in 1945 and a Vietnamese bishop replaced it by a “Regina Pacis”-Mary statue.



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