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This is one of the most significant historical site of Ho Chi Minh City. Located right in the central, on Nam Ki Khoi Nghia Street, District 1 with the area of 120,000 m2, this building resembles a crucial part in not only the South of Vietnam’s, but the whole country’s history.

Actually, the original building was built by the France Governor who was, at that time, dominating the South area. Norodom was the name and it was where the Southern Governor lived and worked, until Japan took control and made the building a working place for the Japan Government in Vietnam.


The second architecture and also the one that is still remaining as what we see today, was named Dinh Độc Lập- Reunification Palace. The Palace was designed by a Vietnamese architect and constructed under a Vietnamese President as well. It was rebuilt since two pilots of the Saigon Army threw bombs and demolished  a great part of the place. People started to build it in 1 July 1962 and finished in 31 Oct 1966.

Since then, the Reunification Palace became the headquarter of Saigon Government. This place has witnessed all the interventions and devastating wars from other stronger countries made on Vietnam as it was their colonies.

In 1976, the Government has recognized this place as one of the “Historic Cultural” of the country. Every year, hundred thousands of tourists visit the place to experience its historical value.

Ticket price:15k


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