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With a favorable location in the centre, on Dong Khoi Street-one of the famous streets for tourists, the Municipal Theatre is prominent for its outstanding construction.


In 1863, after succeeded in dominating the South of Vietnam, the France Government invited a     for the soldiers, since there was not a proper  theatre, they made a temporary one. The Municipal Theatre was started right next to that place in 1898 and finished in 1 Januart 1900. Once there were a lot of criticizes about its prolix design, so the sculptures were changed. However after that, the theatre was severely destructed by the soldiers of World War II and had to close for awhile. In 1955, people repaired it with the purpose to be the Headquarter for the Republican Government of Vietnam.


After 1975, the theatre is used for its original function: to organize and perform art. In 1998, on the occasion of 300th anniversary of the city, again they repaired the theatre but still managed to keep its original architecture. Three French architects designed this theatre so more or less, the style is also affected by a French museum.

Ticket price: free


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