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Originally it was a commercial port of Saigon where Uncle Ho departed looking for a path to help the country in 5 June 1911. He worked for a French ship as a helper in the kitchen, with the actual purpose to search for a opportunity for chances to improve Vietnam. Eventually, this fact has made this port to become a historical site because it was where one of the most influence character of Vietnam started off to do something magnificent for the country’s good.Ben Nha rong was started in 4 March 1863 by a French Sea Transportation Company. Close by the end of 1899, the company was permitted to build terminals for ships and boats.

Back to nowadays, the architecture is still fully preserved that it doesn’t change much from the way it was from the beginning.It’s in District 4, next to Saigon River. At the moment, this place is not a port anymore but a museum’s called Ho Chi Minh Museum. Tourists can find all source of information, exhibits and relics from Uncle Ho’s career. After more than 20 years being one of the most famous museum, Ben Nha Rong- Ho Chi Minh Museum finally was chosen to be the symbol of Saigon in 1998.

Ticket price: 2,000 VND


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  1. Good job, you did a nice work.

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